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Goals. Achievement Strategies Powered by Will

Goals achievement  strategies that are proven to help boost and maintain willpower and motivation to help you reach whatever goals you may have in life.  Whatever goals you may have in life, willpower is always the number one key to reaching them. With enough motivation and willpower, anything is possible.

The 90/10 rule of money was made popular by Robert Kiyosaki through this book “Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing: What the rich invest in, that the Poor and the Middle Class do not!” The 90/10 rule of money essentially states that 90 per cent of the people make 10 per cent of the money and 10 per cent of the people make 90 per cent of the money.

It also applies to debt. 10% of the borrowers in the world use debt to get richer – 90% use debt to get poorer.

I don’t know if the numbers are exact but it rings true. Of course, there are other numbers out there. The occupy movement was a mass revolt of the masses (the 99%) against the rich (the 1%) who make most of the money. There is also the 80/20 Rule also known as the Pareto Principle.

In virtually every industry, few people make most of the money. The principles of democracy do not hold when it comes to money. The minority carries the vote. He who has the gold makes the rules. This includes influencing the government that the majority voted in.

The issue is not which number is closest to reality. It has nothing to do with you really. Like the saying goes, “What has that go to do with the price of tomatoes?” The fact is a small minority of people make most of the money, leaving the majority to make do with the leftovers.

The issue is:

Which side of the divide are you currently on?
Which side of the divide do you really want to be on?
What can you do about it?

Chances are you on the popular side and would surely want to cross over, but it seems like mission impossible. You may even know what you need to do but are too fearful to attempt it or you might have made a series of unsuccessful attempts and finally concluded it is not for you. Few things are as frustrating as feeling stuck in one spot without a way out. This can last for years. I have been there several times. It is a familiar bus stop.

Making the cross from 90 to 10
When you are in this place, working harder is hardly the answer. You are simply doing more of the same thing and wearing yourself out in the process. Like a car stuck in a ditch, working harder is simply spinning wheels, digging yourself deeper.

What you need is higher horsepower and traction. You cannot get yourself out of a hole using the same mind-set that dug you in. You simply have to upgrade. A weightlifter simply cannot move to the next weight class by lifting heavier weights. He needs to work to build more muscle strength before attempting weights outside his normal range.

You can’t run ahead of your mind. If you are afraid of taking risks, you will always pull back when you face risks higher than what you are comfortable with. Your risk tolerance puts a level to your level of returns as high returns go with high risk. You need to do an inner work on your self to be able to make the move outside your comfort zone.

There are several things that come into play here. The key one is the size of your dreams and how badly you want them. It is the hunger that will propel you to take the actions you need to take to make them happen. It goes beyond doing your best. Your best often lies within the confinement of your comfort zone. You have to do what is necessary, which will often stretch you. One thing that can feed that hunger is pain and frustration with the status quo. When you get to the place of enough is enough, you are ready to move mountains out of your way to move forward. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the drive.

Learn & Grow

The work of personal development is private and ought to be continuous. You need to find out what works for you. It is essentially stepping out of your comfort zone. It starts by upgrading your mind-set, letting in new information, replacing old paradigms with new ones. This involves one of my favourite mantras – ‘go where you have not gone before, do what you have not done before’. Keep it moving.

If you keep moving, growing and stretching, before long, you will find yourself outside your comfort zone. Being a new person enables you to think new thoughts and take new actions which bring new results. When your vision is crystal clear and you are fully committed to doing whatever it takes, you soon leave the masses behind and make the crossing from the 90 to the 10.

For this reason, one of the most beneficial skills that you can learn as you go about devising a plan to achieve your goals is the ability to keep your motivation high. If you would like to learn how to fuel your willpower and motivation so that you will be driven to meet your goals at all times. Click here  to check out "Maintaining Willpower & Achieving Your Goals". 

Friday, November 30, 2018

Tips and Tools to Help Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking skills aren’t something most people are born with. They have to be learnt. 6-Figure Speaker Course, we’ll show you how to define the objective of your speech, organise your content, and even master important body language skills that can help you become a better public speaker. Plus you’ll discover how to prepare and tailor a speech so it’s perfect for each audience. Learn 

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Whatever your profession may be, it’s likely you’ll need to speak in public at some point. That may be in a small meeting room for five people or at a large conference for 100. And it’s not just professional; you could be asked to speak in public at a party or even at a wedding. Whatever the situation, speaking in public can be quite daunting. In fact, studies have shown that public speaking is many people's worst fear. This can be hard to admit, too. We might be worried that it will have a negative impact on how we’re perceived at work. 

If public speaking does unnerve you, you’re in good company. Even teachers and actors with years of experience will still tell you that they feel those famous butterflies in their stomach before they get in front of an audience. Those nerves aren’t a bad thing; they’re a sign that you’re energized and want to do a good job. 

And you don’t have to be naturally charismatic or an extrovert to be a good public speaker. The key to a good presentation or performance is preparation. Preparation allows you to focus on the what, when, and why you are speaking. By narrowing all the elements down, you become familiar with your subject. It allows you not only to give a more concise presentation but to reduce fear of the unknown. This produces fewer nerves and therefore more confidence on the actual day.

Preparation is not limited to the subject matter. Warming up your body and vocal chords and creating a positive mindset are also key to success. Remember, our body and mind are the tools we use to transmit our message. The more relaxed and natural we appear, the more successful we will be in grabbing and maintaining our audience’s attention.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Reflection on The Native American Code of Ethics o...

It’s time to tap into the courage the founders of America showed when they took on the British Empire, and stopped at nothing to win their freedom, and ultimately all of ours...That’s Inspiring. And we’re going to need it to win the next great battle for freedom. Read more...Alchemist's Workshop Blog: Reflection on The Native American Code of Ethics o...: America's 242nd birthday Independence Day Celebration on July 4th is a special holiday . A time when we celebrate the birth of Americ...

Friday, June 15, 2018


One of the most important tasks of our time is to be the courageous revolutionary entrepreneurs who fight for the future of all men, women, and children who will come after us. Just as important as our forefathers of America winning their battle…

The opportunity to disrupt the largest corporation on planet earth is only going to come ONCE in our lifetimes. This is your chance to seize it, and take your place amongst the revolutionaries. Click here To be the courageous revolutionary entrepreneurs who fight for the future of all men, women, and children who will come after us. 

Whether it’s fear of failure that has held you back from pursuing your biggest goals… whether it’s lack of belief in yourself… or whether it’s the constant pressures on your time from the outside world…The truth is, as long as these excuses dominate our choices we will never become the men and woman we truly want to be in the world.

America's Independence Day Celebration when we celebrate the birth of America, and the crazy courage of a band of revolutionaries who decided they could rise from nothing and defeat the largest empire on planet earth. This unit of revolutionaries led by George Washington, a farmer, decided their freedom was worth more than the potential of death. They decided the time had come to be in control of their own destiny… and nothing was going to stop them. We can’t help but be inspired by the relevance this story still has in our lives today. 

You see, all of us are in need of more COURAGE to rise up and defeat the forces within us and outside us that prevent us from achieving our ultimate freedom and destiny. It’s time to tap into the courage the founders of America showed when they took on the British Empire, and stopped at nothing to win their freedom, and ultimately all of ours...That’s Inspiring. And we’re going to need it to win the next great battle for freedom...

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Goals. Achievement Strategies Powered by Will

Goals achievement  strategies that are proven to help boost and maintain willpower and motivation to help you reach whatever goals you may...